Ship Service

Ship Service

The Shipservice department in Frydenbø Industri takes care of all major projects on behalf of our respective locations and through our international shipyards agencies.

Frydenbø Industri specializes in marine and offshore services. A flexible professional environment and great facilities make Frydenbø Industri a preferred choice for engineering services, repairs and upgrading of ships and work boats.

Frydenbø Industris services include everything from minor ad hoc repairs to maintenance and rebuilding of ships, rigs and barges, as well as prefabrication of steel and aluminum constructions.

Our 24 hour service includes.:

  • Turbooverhaul / -repairs
  • Project management / consulting and preparation of specific repairs and cost calculation
  • Overhaul of engine, generators and other mechanical and hydraulic systems
  • Electrical services, upgrades and new installations. Particularly aimed at marine, fishfarming, offshore and onshore
  • Welding and fabrication of structures in steel, aluminum and stainless materials
  • Replacement of engines, cranes, and other industrial equipment
  • Special production of components on order
  • We offer our services onsite, domestic and abroad.
  • Special workshops for overhaul of electrical engines, switch boards, and turbo / fuel systems in Bergen and Oslo
  • Agencies for ship repair and maintenance world wide

Feel free to contact us - at our ship service department no task is too small or too big. If the customer is satisfied - our goal is achieved!