SDT Ultrasound

SDT Ultrasound

Frydenbø Industri offers inspections (density control) of windows, doors, hatches and cable transitions using SDT ultrasonic equipment. We also sell the equipment to shipyards, industry and shipping companies.

The advantage of this technology is to have easy quality control of hatches and doors for water leaks and to avoid damages to equipment and cargo. The SDT equipment is portable, reliable and easy to use, and will easily detect potential leaks in watertight doors and hatches.

The equipment is approved by DNV GL and most classification societies, and in many cases it can replace the waterspray test. We can also train and certify your operators according to the DNV requirements.


Quality control when installing hatches/portholes/windows or doors, and quick control during adjustments. It may improve productivity and serve as a quality assurance instrument itself in new constructions. It also facilitates delivery and inspection. It is also an excellent tool for routine checks on air and welding gas lines and hoses in the workplace, where you want to detect small leaks without having to move equipment/lower it in water etc. The potential savings in both time and energy alone can repay the investment in a short period of time.


Some leading shipping companies have this equipment on board ships, or in circulation among their vessels, as they routinely check hatchcovers and hatches. It may be crucial before loading sensitive cargo, and can also be cost-effective as any repairs can be done early. As a consequence you may avoid delays, cancellations and unforeseen incidents during the loading of the vessels.

Industry / terminals

Many cargo terminals use this type of equipment as a routine pre-loading inspection of ships, especially with sensitive cargo like fertilizers, metals, minerals etc. The test is quick, easy to perform and very accurate. Use in preventive maintenance is also important and equipment for temperature and vibration measurement can be given.

Contact us for information and/or demonstration of the equipment. We will also offer training of operators, either at our office or on-site with you.