Sabb Dyno

SABB Dyno Engine Brake

Sabb Dyno is a new product that Frydenbø Industri has developed in collaboration with the  leading oil companies and lifeboat manufacturers. The result is an engine dynamometer that is easy to use and designed for load running of lifeboat engines. This is desirable in order to carry out performance tests, general maintenance and for running with load on the engine without launching the boat at sea.

Typical applications include free-fall lifeboats and other types of lifeboats where it is not possible or desirable to launch the lifeboat at sea for load testing or maintenance.

Sabb Dyno is easy to use, reliable, lightweight and easy to maintain. The product is also verified by DNV GL.

Sabb Dyno is permanently attached to the engine for the best usability. Our design guarantees very low loss from the engine to the Dyno - usually under 0.5 hp when not activated. The design is flexible and can be adapted to most engines. Normally only the forefront stand and PTO needs adapting.

Special care is taken during the design process to facilitate access to typical periodic maintenance components, including the pulley/belts, the sprinkler pump and the dyno itself. Maintenance work is easy to perform.