Our Lifeboat Engines

Our Lifeboat Engines

Frydenbø Industri’s lifeboat engine program currently includes engines from the Sabb K series with 30 to 70 HP, Sabb FPT/Iveco engines with 85 to 560 HP and Sabb Lister from 20 to 55 HP.

Our lifeboat engines are developed in close cooperation with the world’s biggest engine manufacturers, and is still built at our modern facilities in Bergen. The result is a complete program for lifeboats, tender boats and fast rescue boats.

Our range of lifeboat engines are designed for use on all types of lifeboats, tender boats and fast rescue boats. They are designed to provide guaranteed safety. The engines are custom built according to the regulations of the International Convention of Safety at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO), where the procedures for approval require that the engines must start at temperatures between minus 15 to minus 25 degrees Celsius. They must also pass a 360 degrees rotation test and must be able to drive while submerged in water to the centre of the crankshaft. The engines are also certified by DNV-GL.

Frydenbø Industri collaborates with all the leading lifeboat manufacturers in the world. We also have a world-wide service network to safeguard our applications.

Four different models with different performance

The new Sabb K series was launched in 2015 in four different versions with different performance; Sabb K35, Sabb K40, Sabb K59 and Sabb K70. The designation represents the performance in horse powers.

We can also adjust the performance of each respective model within certain limits based on the customer’s requirements.

The requirements for delivery of lifeboat engines is extensive and demanding. Requirements include 360-degree rotation while the engine is running, start-up at up to minus 15 degrees Celsius and driving while immersed in water.

The Sabb K-series is built to withstand temperatures down to minus 30 degrees. This is especially done due to the increased traffic and presence in the Arctic waters. The engines also fulfil the Tier 4 emission requirements.


FPT/Iveco has produced diesel engines since 1899, while Sabb Motor has produced engines since 1925 and has been one of the world’s leading lifeboat manufacturers for almost forty years.  In a Sabb Iveco lifeboat, tender or fast rescue engine, we combine the best from two worlds.

FTP and Iveco has equipped all their engines with high-quality parts and therefore guarantee high performance despite limited size and weight. The engines are quiet running, have very low emissions as well as exceptional functionality even under the harshest conditions.

At Frydenbø Industri’s manufacturing plant in Bergen, we rebuild the engines so that they can be approved by SOLAS. Our product range from Sabb consists of engines with advanced mechanical and electronic fuel injection system. Our lifeboat engines have all the latest diesel technology; common rail and electric control system, 2- and 4 valves per cylinder. Every engine can be delivered with either traditional heat exchanger cooling or pipe cooling for maximum safety.

High performance, high torque, silent, low weight and compact dimensions are all characteristic for a Sabb Iveco lifeboat engine!

Sabb Lister

SABB Lister engines are based on core engines from Lister Petter Co.Ltd. in Great Britain. Lister Petter Co.Ltd. as a core engine manufacturer is one of the world’s leading brands within marine and industrial diesel engines, as well as a leading supplier of diesel generator sets.

SABB Lister lifeboat engine program 20 – 55 HP is based on Lister-Petter engines, and are the most popular lifeboat engines from Sabb throughout time.  This renowned engine manufacturer has carefully been chosen by our company to combine the advantages of large scale production and competitive prices with the experience and knowledge of Frydenbø Industri / Sabb in the completion of lifeboat engines.