Hybrid Propulsion

Together with strategic partners, Frydenbø Industri have developed a complete inline system for hybrid propulsion. The system is ideal for small - to medium sized commercial vessels.

The Frydenbø hybrid system is based on the same standard propulsion packages Frydenbø have supplied for a number of years, renowned for its safety and reliability.

The heart of the new hybrid system is found in our newly developed HVP 83H gearbox with a built-in electric motor. The HVP 83H gearbox has the same building dimensions as our traditional HVP 65 and 83E gears. Keeping the dimensions identical allows for simplicity in terms of rebuilding existing conventional vessels into hybrid - without having to replace or move existing diesel engines or shaft systems!

The pancake shaped electric motor in our new gearbox has been specially selected due to high operational reliability and efficiency. At the same time, it has also been a priority for us that the electric motor is on the same shaft as the diesel engine (inline). The main reason being so that the users experience as seamless a transition from diesel to electric operation as possible. Another positive consequence of the integrated electric motor is a very compact system. The compactness of the system again provides increased opportunities for boat builders and designers in terms of design configuration, and the vessel's stability.

All system components have been carefully selected for maximum flexibility. If i.e. more battery capacity is needed, this can be installed with minimal adaptation to existing equipment.

Our highly rated pitchable propeller system solution (CPP), already provides good opportunities in terms of maneuverability and reduce fuel consumption. However from experience we know that operation of the CPP system for optimal fuel consumption can sometimes be challenging. In our new hybrid system the ideal pitching has been integrated as an automatic function, which ensures optimal regulation of the throttle and propeller angle automatically. The automatic solution offers seamlessly operation of the vessel at any time - with one single control lever per driveline.

The demand and interest for our hybrid solutions has grown rapidly in recent years. The general environmental consideration, combined with new emission regulations from public authorities are both arguments in favor of a hybrid solution.

The long-term financial gain in terms of decreased fuel costs are also worth mentioning!