Hybrid Power Generation

Frydenbø has been one of the market leaders in the supply of emergency power to both land and marine-based industry for a number of years. Where we have previously based our solutions on power output from conventional diesel driven generators, we now face the future with our new in-house developed hybrid solution for maximum utilization of power capacity.

Frydenbø Hybrid power production uses the surplus capacity left over from the conventional generators to simultaneously charge the batteries - in parallel with supplying the necessary electricity to the rest of the plant. When the batteries are fully charged, the generator shuts down and the system is operated using power from the batteries. The cycle is repeated automatically when needed.

Frydenbø hybrid power production ensures optimal utilization of energy, and provides major savings in fuel costs. Reduced number of operating hours, and maximum utilization of efficiency on the engine also provides savings in relation to extended lifetime - as well as reduced costs related to service and maintenance on the conventional diesel engine.

Within our standardized module-based system, we individually adapt the sizes of the battery bank and power source based on the customer's needs. This makes our solution highly flexible, and also offers opportunities in terms of simply expanding the system at a later stage, in the event of a change of power demand from end customer.

Through the product Frydenbø hybrid power production we can offer;

  • A single point supplier of both diesel engines, switchboards and system as a whole
  • Tailor-made solutions for each individual customer
  • Module-based system, easy to place and transport
  • Flexible and can be adapted if a change of power demand is needed
  • Possibilities for connection to shore and solar power
  • Significant reduction of noise
  • Equipment from renowned subcontractors
  • DNV approval on battery pack
  • Over a hundred years of experience from both the land-based and maritime industrial sector
  • Huge financial gains related to fuel, service and maintenance
  • Environmental friendly

The demand and interest for our hybrid solutions has grown rapidly in recent years. The general environmental consideration, combined with new emission regulations from public authorities are both arguments in favor of a hybrid solution.

The long-term financial gain from such facilities is also great in terms of saved service, maintenance and fuel costs!