HVP Transmission

Sabb HVP Transmission

Frydenbø Industri's HVP transmissions allows the use of a larger propeller, provides larger bollard pull, better maneuverability and lower fuel consumption.

With a reversible propeller it is possible to make optimal use of engine power at all speeds, regardless of load, tow, wind or power conditions. The Controllable Pitch propeller system is especially suitable for towing and trolling, as the transmission ratio ensures maximum bollard pull.

The HVP transmissions are built to last and are produced in high-grade materials. Although the HVP transmissions are primarily developed for commercial vessels, they are also ideal for recreational boats.

Sabb HVP is designed to meet the market demand for a new and integrated propulsion package. The HVP transmission is the ideal solution when there is a need for differentiated power depending on the assignment. The HVP transmissions have a transmission ratio that ensures great bollard pull and maneuverability for smaller engine sizes compared to a conventional gearbox with a fixed propeller system.

CP propellers provides maximum speed with an empty boat, high bollard pull when towing or while loaded, and the ability to achieve maximum power/output at any RPM.

Benefits include:

  • Built-in servo for pitch propeller
  • Compact design
  • 1 PTO may be achieved through separate hydraulic connection, or 1 PTO for direct operation
  • Hydraulic clutch plates
  • The gearboxes are type approved by DNV
  • Each gearbox has been tested at a test bench
  • Possibility of additional dashboards with switches for gears and PTO. Oil pressure and temperature displays are standard.

Sabb HVP 25 is ideal when the following is needed:

  • Compact and sturdy gear for variable pitch-propellers
  • Suitable for engines up top 90 HP

Sabb HVP 65/83E is ideal when the following is needed:

  • Compact and sturdy gear for variable-pitch propeller
  • Robust gears with clutch plates for switching
  • Electrically operated dashboards
  • Suitable for engines in the power range from 100 to 350 horsepower
  • PTO at 400 Nm available as an option

Frydenbø Industri specialises in replacing and overhauling gears.

At Frydenbø Industri we know transmissions and gears, and we have specialized in replacing complete transmissions or overhauling our own HVP transmissions. We assist our partners with pre-engineering, customization and solution proposals. We have short delivery times on new gears, and we are quick to "turn around". We also carry out such work on a travel basis or at our other locations along the coast.