HSE and Culture

HSE and Culture

Our core values are enthusiasm, honesty and responsibility. Frydenbø Industri does not accept damage on neither humans, environment nor materials. Our goal is to be a leader within HSE – while at the same time delivering quality in the segments we operate in.

Management system

Over time Frydenbø Indsutri has developed and implemented an integrated management system and a separate quality manual. The system is certified by Nemko and IQ Net according to ISO 9001, and is used to continuously improve complex work processes and the interaction between them. As a company, we have a responsibility to our employees, customers, shareholders, governments and the environment, and we use this management tool to make sure everyone gets what they need.


Frydenbø’s vision is to create value through “world class service”. With such an ambitious goal, our focus must at all times be on delivering the products and services that the customer needs. Our tailoring of complete propulsion systems for vessels is an example of how this works in practice. Therefore, we have also established clear quality goals that guides the company.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Frydenbø Industri aims to engage in a proactive and forward-looking management when it comes to HSE. We are concerned that our products and services will be delivered with minimal impact on the environment and with high level of safety for our employees in the manufacturing process.

A goal like that requires hard work over time from both the management and the employees. The company regularly conducts HSE surveys among employees, and each employee is involved in the design of the content in our annual HSE reports. Everyone can report incidents, deviations and improvement through our electronically data system. The results from these surveys are monitored continuously.


Frydenbø Industri has an absolute goal of zero accidents and injuries, zero work-related absence and zero reportable emissions to the environment. To ensure this all new employees must undergo HSE training.

Frydenbø Industri has not had any serious accidents or incidents in recent times.