Frydenbø Industri - Øksfjord is a modern generation company with extensive experience and tradition within the maritime engineering industry. We have a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008, in addition to being certified in Achilles.

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phone 99 15 81 50
Finnesveien 30, 9550 Øksfjord
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The company is centrally located in Finnmark, close to most of the aquaculture companies in the region, as well as Hammerfest with its oil and gas business. It is a modern and efficient service facility for the maritime fishing fleet, merchant ships, offshore installations and aquaculture industry, as well at land based industry. The staff is highly skilled and flexible, offering 24/7 readiness and a service team that travels around the world.

For projects that require additional specialist competencies, we collaborate with the network within the Frydenbø Group, as well as local suppliers within all disciplines.

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General Inquiries

+47 99 15 81 50

General Inquiries


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 07:00 - 15:00

24/7 Emergency Support

+47 99 15 81 50

Accounting / Invoices

+47 98 26 02 87 



Finnesveien 30, 9550 Øksfjord



Postboks 6164, 5892 Bergen



Arne Vestre

General Manager
phone_android Tlf: +47 90 18 75 78

Service / Workshop

Harald Skavikmo

Project Manager
phone_android Tlf: +47 48 99 53 53

Aleksander Johnsen Rohde

Project Manager
phone_android Tlf: +47 92 47 76 25

Sohrab Malkari

Foreman Welding
phone_android Tlf: +47 46 86 31 27

Jan Magne Hansen

Foreman Engines
phone_android Tlf: +41 41 17 87

Kjetil Olsen

Foreman Docking
phone_android Tlf: +47 41 44 77 35


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