Blokken Skipsverft is one of the oldest shipyards in northern Norway and has been engaged in rebuilding, maintaining and repairing vessels for more than 115 years. Some boats have also been built over the years. Creative problem solving and solid craftsmanship are traditions we are proud of!

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Vervveien 7, 8400 Sortland
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The company's location is favorable in that it is located inside a relatively large and well-protected natural harbor close to the shipping lane. It is about 3.5 miles to the municipal center Sortland. The village of Blokken itself is not far from the main access roads to the city, and therefore benefits from the traffic flow between Lofoten and Troms. 

Business areas;  

Repair, maintenance and rebuilding of vessels, as well as constructions for the aquaculture industry

Complete new buildings for the fishing industry and aquaculture industry

The company has developed a fish processing system which in 1990 recieived the Norwegian Raw Fisk Association's quality award

Since 1917, the company has had its own power plant. Today, this produces enough power to meet the company's needs. 

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+47 99 15 81 50

General Inquiries

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Monday - Friday 07:00 - 15:00

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+47 99 15 81 50

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Finnesveien 30, 9550 Øksfjord



Postboks 6164, 5892 Bergen




Anders Rasmussen

General Manager
phone_android Tlf: +47 91 53 69 67

Jørgen Rasmussen

Technical Manager
phone_android Tlf: +47 41 68 01 49

Arne Vestre

General Manager
phone_android Tlf: +47 90 18 75 78


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